1. new childish gambino teasers + live songs means new childish gambino tour soon.  


  2. This song always makes me feel better.

    Bitch Look at Me Now

    I’mma try to make my street cred stack up

    I mean I’m rapping over Grizzly Bear, what the fuck?

    Gather swagger up, before I take it all

    You started rapping when you wasn’t good at basketball

    I started rapping cause I fucking need some Adderall

    I can’t do one thing, I’m just too good

    I can’t do one thing, I am Tiger Woods

    I make your iPod hotter than a lighter would

    Picture me in sixth grade, overweight, overbite

    Got my fake Adidas on, whiting out the fourth stripe

    Kid named Vincent got it out for me, I hate that guy

    Frodo from Chicago, really small and shy

    You better recognize, cause I’m no better now

    Cause I was always sick, my life’s a hospital

    And that’s some funny shit, that turd is Apatow

    That female dog is blind, well bitch look at me now!


  3. i-hate-fate:

    Childish Gambino - Silk Pillow (feat. Beck)

    I like where Gambino is going.

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  4. Bonfire vs. Skinny Love - Childish Gambino/Bon Iver (Das Kapital Remix)

    The artists I’ve seen live this past week.



  5. iamdonald:

    Childish Gambino - Eat Your Vegetables

    This part: 

    Never not funny like fat jokes

    (Like when someone is like, “what happened to Chris?”

    And you turn around and there’s a fat guy that kind of looks like Chris

    And you like, “oh shit” and laughing and shit)

    And I’m back in this bitch

    Blows me away.


  6. Childish Gambino CAMP Tour


    I’m super super super super excited to tell you that I’m going on tour with Childish Gambino and Danny Brown! I’ll be playing a little set before each show, so please come out and say hi. Obvs I am way stoked to see all of you. Here are all of the dates I’m doing, there’s a few that I won’t be able to do (sorry Canada!). See you on the road.

    xo -Sam


    MAR16 The Tabernacle / Atlanta GA

    MAR17 The Fillmore / Charlotte NC
    MAR19 The Orange Peel / Asheville NC
    MAR20 The National / Richmond VA
    MAR21 Starland Ballroom / Sayreville NJ
    MAR29 Epic / Minneapolis MN
    MAR30 Riviera Theatre / Chicago IL
    APR2 University of Iowa / Iowa City IA
    APR3 Beaumont Club / Kansas City MO
    APR5 Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheatre / Austin TX
    APR6 House of Blues / Houston TX
    APR7 Palladium Ballroom / Dallas TX
    APR10 Rialto Theatre / Tucson AZ
    APR11 Venue of Scottsdale / Phoenix AZ
    APR18 Ace of Spades / Sacramento CA
    APR19 Fox Theater / Oakland CA

    All I got from thsi is that SoSuperSam is coming to Sacramento.


  7. Childish Gambino - Heatbeat (No Pets Allowed Remix)


  8. CAMP.

    First physical CD I’ve bought in years!

  9. dietschweppes:

    These two albums leaked. YUHS.

    My feelings exactly.

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  10. egofriendlyy:

    I think…it might be time to play something a little harder.” 

    Not to ignore the doopeness of  SuperSam’s This Way Up, but CG killed it.


    So excited for Camp! (wadsworth constant applies)

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