1. Childish Gambino - Heatbeat (No Pets Allowed Remix)



  3. theundergroundlr:

    Oh, hey! Here’s a new Childish Gambino Song!

    Mr. Glover threw this down at the Bowery Poetry Club two weeks ago, so it’s not new by Internet standards, but it’s new enough.

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    This isn’t Bonfire or the UCLA song.

  4. brianvaldizno:

    “Asian girls everywhere, UCLA.”

    Oh and another favorite line:

    “She’s an over achiever ‘cause all she do is suck seed.”

    Jelly of you UCLA kids.

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  6. iamdonaldtour:

    Guys! HUGE NEWS!

    Donald has signed to Glassnotes Records.

    This is a great day for all Gambino fans.

    This means Camp will be in stores, iTunes, and vinyl. I would love to get it on vinyl.

    Thanks to kamalazmy for providing this incredible news.

    Reblog the shit out of this.



    Camp is gon’ be crazy.

  7. Gambino.

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  8. hipsterchildishgambino:

    By whwhtoast. The last submission I’m posting. <3


  9. Spinning You by mc DJ

    Holy crap, this beat is like an early version of Lights Turned On, although I venture to say that it might be even better than the Lights Turned On beat.  I’m impressed, Mr. Glover.  This is off of the Utterances of the Heart album, if you’re wondering!  Turn your speakers up.